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Coast To Coast Green Energy would like to share Power for Change

In 2009, energy veterans Kerry Breitbart and Carey Turnbull founded North American Power, emerging from retirement to be part of energy’s next frontier: retail electricity and gas. Within this $70 billion industry, North American Power is one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the country, a fact that recently earned the company a spot on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies.

North American Power provides renewable energy that gives back to charity and delivers the power to earn each time a customer flips the switch. The company currently serves customers in deregulated energy markets including Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania with plans to expand to additional markets and introduce natural gas service in 2012.

HOW IT WORKS Energy deregulation gives customers the power to choose who supplies their energy, and in the 25 deregulated states across the country, many are switching from their utility to a retail energy supplier. The customer is still billed and serviced by their local utility, but their supply is provided by a company that can be more responsive to market conditions and deliver benefits that go well beyond keeping the lights on.

RENEWABLE ENERGY North American Power is dedicated to improving America’s energy independence by providing greater access to homegrown renewable energy in all 50 states. In the deregulated markets the company serves, every customer that switches to North American Power automatically chooses 25% renewable energy and has the choice to upgrade to 100% renewable energy. Plus, with the company’s national renewable energy product, American Wind, North American Power is offering all Americans the power to help green the grid.

GIVING BACK In April 2011, North American Power made a bold commitment to giving back with the launch of Mission to Millions. This ongoing philanthropic initiative allows customers to direct North American Power funds to deserving charities each month when they pay their bill. Through Mission to Millions, the company has given nearly $100,000 to partner organizations including Action Against Hunger, Malaria No More, Dress For Success and Little Kids Rock with giving set to increase as North American Power expands its customer base in this one-for-one model.

POWER TO EARN Each customer who switches to North American Power has the opportunity to earn cash rewards with the company’s groundbreaking customer referral model. Customers who refer three friends or family members who sign up within 30 days can earn $50 and keep earning every time they share North American Power’s products. Plus, customers who are interested in pursuing greater earnings can sign on as an Independent Representative to take advantage of a zero-risk, zero-investment home-based business

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Zion Hill Baptist Church to Launch “Money Smarts Series” October 27

Many families continue to fight to survive tough economic times. Many strive to identify why their bank accounts continue to leak money although they have made their best efforts to plug the holes. Retirees are unsure of the best strategies for maintaining savings, increasing income through consulting or navigating turbulent financial waters on a fixed income. Teens, college students and recent graduates just starting a work and career life want to know more about saving, investing and cash purchasing power. In response, Zion Hill Baptist Church located at 6175 Campbellton Road in Atlanta will launch the “Money Smarts Series” on Saturday, October 27, 2012, from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Attendees will be able to talk with experts about the best strategies for handling income, credit, budgeting and debt. The perspectives include:

· Money Smarts for the “Next Stage” ages 25- 65 (Working adults have careers, perhaps families and are building wealth, or want to know the best steps for building wealth.)

· Money Smarts for Retirement ages 65+ (Older adults may not be seeking income actively; some may be consulting; many may be living on a fixed income or investments; others may be concerned about passing on wealth.)

· Money Smarts for Young People ages 13-25 (Young people are in the first part of their careers, whether it’s the first job ever, or it’s the first job after college. Saving, investing, credit and cash purchasing power are areas of exploration for those who want to make a strong start in handling their income effectively.)

The “Money Smarts Series” workshops will be held in four 2-hour segments that will be held concurrently. The segments are Credit, Debt, Budgeting and Income. The Series will be scheduled four times, so that participants can take part in each of the four segments.

Issues to be covered in the sessions include budgeting, understanding credit and debt, identifying sources of income and discovering new sources, spending—how one can impact its outcome, tithing and much, much more.

Members of the community can learn how to use their financial resources more efficiently, build and maintain wealth and provide for the work of the church through their tithes. Money Smarts is a service of the Zion Hill Baptist Church Community Action Business (CAB) Ministry.

For more information about the “Money Smarts Series”, call the church at 404-691-8025.

“Money Smarts” is a public service presentation of Zion Hill Baptist Church and does not serve as an endorsement of any individual presenter nor does it support any product or service of any presenter or participant. All material or information provided is the responsibility of the presenter/participant.

Money Smarts Presenters

Rogelio Brathwaite is a business professional with over 30 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial environments. He has led, coached and mentored hundreds professionals to their success. As a qualified business coach he specializes in small businesses.

Wendy Labat has been an entrepreneur for almost 30 years. Her company, M3 Enterprises LLC is a tax preparation and business development firm. Wendy is pursuing her doctoral degree in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship.

Courtney L. Teague, social entrepreneur and founder of C7 Enterprises LLC has worked in the education and social media fields for over 8 years. As an educator, instructional designer, and blogger, Courtney brings expertise in computing, social media and technology.

Pam Middleton, a Chartered Financial Consultant with thirty four years of experience as a Financial Planner and Accountant, specializes in retirement planning.

Evelyn St. James is a CPA with over 30 years in the finance field, specializing in corporate taxes. Most recently, upon retirement, she has joined forces with North American Power to help people create sustainable income from Energy products that positively impact the environment.

Paula Washington assists executives in advancing their careers and business owners in transforming their companies and achieving incredible results. Paula’s passion for the empowerment of women, girls and families, led her to establish Wise Women Speak Foundation, Inc., where she serves as Founder & Chair.


ATLANTA, July 31, 2012 – The Atlanta Dream’s Dream 4 Youth Foundation will hold the iDream: Teen Leadership Summit on Saturday, Aug. 4 at Spelman College’s Cosby Auditorium. The program will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.. The iDream: Teen Leadership Summit presented by the Dream 4 Youth Foundation is an open leadership forum for teens ages 12 – 18 discussing current challenges such as leadership, bullying, self-confidence, education and more. Registration is $20 and includes entry into the Summit, lunch, an iDream Leadership Packet, an iDream t-shirt and a ticket to the Aug. 22 Dream game against the Chicago Sky at Philips Arena.
Speakers at the Summit will include reality television star Towanda Braxton and Dream players Armintie Price, Tiffany Hayes, Laurie Koehn and Ketia Swanier, with the possibility of other celebrity speakers being added to the program later this week.
Deadline to register is Wednesday, Aug. 1. Those interested can register on-line at

Georgia Chapter of Black Women for Obama Holds First-Ever Town Hall Meeting

(Atlanta, GA) July 25, 2012– The Georgia Chapter of Black Women for Obama, a grass-roots volunteer group is holding its first-ever town hall event, featuring local politicians and candidates in a panel discussion expected to attract constituents from all over the state.

The town hall meeting, sponsored by BWFO and the Biz Lynks Center, gives Atlanta residents an opportunity to meet and question some of the city’s most notable political figures about the upcoming election and issues important to the voting community. Expected speakers and panelists include Georgia State Senator Horacena Tate, Atlanta Public Schools Board Member Brenda Muhammad,
Che Watkins Campaign Manager for Untie Atlanta, Mike Berlon, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, and many others.

Judy Jones, Black Women for Obama State Chapter Director for Georgia describes the event as an important opportunity for dialogue prior to a critical election. “The purpose of this town hall meeting is to give citizens a forum to dialogue with elected leaders and candidates”, states Ms. Jones. “We want to raise awareness around civic responsibility and why it is imperative more now than ever that we get out the vote during this election cycle”.

Black Women for Obama has established official chapters in the states of Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, and has town hall meetings scheduled in half a dozen states in the coming months. The organization’s primary focus is “Get Out The Vote” (GOTV) efforts and combating voter suppression tactics in swing states and around the country.

The Georgia Chapter of Black Women for Obama Town Hall Meeting, July 28th, 2012 from 1-4pm at the Biz Lynks Center, 3665 Club Drive, Suite 107 Duluth, Georgia, 30096.


Atlanta Mayor Reed Talks Childhood, Marriage & TSPLOST at Political Cocktails

Last night, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed hosted the re-launch of the quarterly event series “Political Cocktails,” a networking mixer that brings awareness to various social and political issues. The event featured a candid coffee table talk and Q&A with Mayor Reed conducted by Egypt Sherrod, V103 midday personality and HGTV host of “Property Virgins.” Reed addressed everything from his Cascade roots and childhood to his political career and personal thoughts on marriage. The hot topic of the night was the regional transportation referendum (TSPLOST) that will be voted on next week. Mayor Reed encouraged the audience of over 200 attendees to support the sales tax law as an effort to help the economy, ease traffic/commuting woes and improve the overall quality of life for metro Atlantans.

The mayor noted that TSPLOST will help Atlanta regain its competitive edge” in the global market and create jobs and contracting opportunities, adding that his administration has already spent over $900 Million with women and minority businesses in the City of Atlanta. Cory Ruth, Outreach Director for the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development, addressed the audience with remarks highlighting the jobs that will be created by the referendum as well as details on Governor Nathan Deal’s “Go Build Georgia” job initiative. Following the interview and Q&A, event sponsor Untie Atlanta hosted a live Google+ “hangout on air,” where Mayor Reed answered additional TSPLOST questions from online participants. Political Cocktails was founded by Stacii Jae Johnson (Entertainment & Special Events Director, Office of Mayor Kasim Reed), Atlanta City Council Member H. Lamar Willis and Sonja Williams (serial entrepreneur and CEO of ShockTheory Interactive).

For more information on Political Cocktails, visit For information on Untie Atlanta, visit

NYC’s Elite Honored at The Network Journal’s ’40 Under 40′ Awards

Young African-American women and men are thriving and doing positive things in business and the community! Dozens of New York’s top African-American executives were honored recently at The Network Journal’s 15th Annual ’40 Under 40’ Awards Dinner at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square for their outstanding work in their respective fields. The dinner honored professionals from companies including L’Oreal (Aida Moudachirou- Rebois), Bloomingdale’s (Nicole Cokley) General Motors (Brooke Ellis), NBC Universal (Sharita Brantley) and the 135th Street Agency (Shante Bacon), and was hosted by former NY Giants/2003 Super Bowl XXXVII Champion (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) Roman Oben and Karen Nethersole, ESQ., CEO of Full Circle NY.

Friday’s Goaldigger: Arianna Huffington: Make your life about something that can make a difference in the world

Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, turned a blog into a multi-million dollar media empire in a few short years.
Huffington was interviewed at Business Insider’s Startup 2012 conference in New York City in May about what she has done with her empire. She also had some intriguing advice for other entrepreneurs—especially women—who are out there trying to make it in the world.
The Huffington Post launched in 2005 and it was constantly criticized in its first few years of existence. It did a lot of news aggregation, and that wasn’t a commonly accepted practice by a lot of traditional publications. Not only that, but people criticized the quality of the work being done there and its political skew.
“Don’t be defined by the press,” Huffington said at the conference. “The Huffington Post on day one was defined as an unsurvivable failure in one of the reviews.”
Despite the scrutiny, Huffington and her crew pressed on, and the company was sold to AOL for $315 million in 2011. A year later, The Huffington Post became the first ever American online-only publication to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Change Your Perspective

According to Huffington, women have issues with success and power because they have the definition of power all wrong. She said that in the current business landscape, people think of power as the amount of control you have over other people, and then that level gets compared with others.

“Is my portfolio bigger than your portfolio? That’s a very male way of looking at things,” she said. “And we women—whether we are entrepreneurs or in any other field of life—we need to change it.”

Huffington isn’t blaming the startup culture for this, though, referring to the debate that has raged over the past few years about venture capitalists and angel investors being biased against women entrepreneurs. Instead, it’s a problem that women need to look at and confront internally.

“We women are a little more risk-averse,” Huffington said. “And we have a bigger problem with failure. Beyond whatever external factors there are, such as whether VCs really prefer men to women, I haven’t found that.”

Lose the “Obnoxious Roommate”

There is an “obnoxious roommate” living in your head, and it constantly puts you down, Huffington said. “It doesn’t want you to fail because you’re scared of becoming permanently identified with your successes or failures.”

Huffington added that it’s simple to say that people need to just try again after a big failure, but that is easier said than done. “When you fail, you feel terrible about it and you need to find some way to move on from that.”

Be Childlike

Huffington’s suggestion for dealing with failure is to see it through a child’s eyes. “I look at the way children handle disappointment, whatever the disappointment is,” Huffington said. “They cry. They get upset. And then they get over it. And then it’s really over. They don’t remember why they were upset. So for me that’s really the dream, to be like a child.”

Huffington also shared what made her and her publication so incredibly successful. She boiled it down to one big thing: DNA.

“Make your life about something that can make a difference in the world. Put the spotlight on what is working,” said Huffington. “My Greek compatriot, the old philosopher Archimedes, said ‘Give me a place to stand, and I can move the world.'”

How do you define power?

The article was retrieved from Open Forum

Friday’s Goaldigger: Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson executes plays in the business world as well as he did on the basketball court. Only four months after Comcast announced Magic Johnson, the NBA great would be one of four owners of new minority-focused stations guaranteed distribution in 8 million homes, Johnson’s Aspire channel is up and running. Johnson worked on his plan for 18 months securing sponsors such as L’Oreal and Nationwide as advertisers, bagged carriage with Time Warner Cable, bringing it to 10 million households by year’s end, and has handed ad sales to Atlanta-based Intermedia’s GMC TV. This alone qualifies Magic Johnson as Friday’s Goal Digger


(Videos) Is small business too important to fail and is business really war?

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend “Getting Back to Business” A CNBC Town Hall Event in Atlanta. I gathered insight on how the “big fish” really feel about the “small fish” (small business). As an entrepreneur, I walked away with a few of my questions unanswered, neither here or there experience is the best teacher. Administrator Karen Mills of the U.S. Small Business Administration thinks small business is too important to fail. Venture Capitalist Kevin O’Leary declares business is war; however, Spanx Founder Sara Blakely reveals an alternative strategy to business. Watch the clips and share your thoughts!

This is just the beginning of my posts on small business video. Check back for other video clips.


Wednesday’s GoalDigger: Laretta Houston Fashion Photographer

Laretta Houston was born in Angeles City, Philippines. From struggle and poverty evolved an inspirational vision of beauty and life all around her. Laretta’s story could easily have taken such a different turn if not for her determination and strength.
Born the daughter of a military father who traveled a lot, she spent most of her time with relatives modestly raised in poverty without luxury. After losing her mother at age 13 to Lupus, this is when she entered her journey through the foster care system.
Eventually making her way to the United States, she was determined to change the course of her life. Struggling to balance work, school and raising a young girl while still a young girl herself, she graduated the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Multimedia and Web Design. After several years as a successful web designer, her love of photography continued to grow. In typical Laretta style, the tenacious artist picked up her first camera, started shooting and to date has not stopped.
Her Multimedia background would prove to be an invaluable help in marketing her new passion as well as giving incredible insight to clients advertising and marketing needs. Read more here
I have watched Laretta Houston’s perfect her craft by following her on FaceBook and I must say she is truly a “goaldigger.”

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